“This review is based on, an everyday user point of view”

-1.2GHz Qualcomm MSM8212 Snapdragon 200 Processor
-Android 4.3 Jelly Bean with Kitkat Update
-5.0 Inches HD IPS Display with OGS (1280 x 720 Pixels or 294 PPI)
-Adreno 305 GPU @ 700MHz
-13.0 Megapixel Autofocus Main Camera with BSI Sensor ( i dont know about this but i cant find it in the box that this is a BSI lense) and LED Flash
-5.0 Megapixel Front Camera
-1GB of RAM
-4GB Internal Storage
-Expandable up to 64GB via Micro SD
-Dual SIM/Dual Standby
-3G (HSPA), EDGE and GPRS Networks
-WI-Fi and Wi-Fi Hotspot
-Bluetooth 4.0
-GPS with A-GPS
-FM Radio
-Micro USB
-3.5mm Audio Jack
-Ambient Light Sensor
-Proximity Sensor
-1,700mAh Battery
-₱5,999.00 SRP

It’s the xperia look of this phone which ignite the hype among local brands android users to like it. It’s been the talk of the town since its teaser was posted in facebook. By the time there’s an available unit in our area I didn't hesitate to grab one and start bragging it to my friends.


it doesn't make sense the used and free ram is only 735mb.

-some guys from aeon group at facebook told me that this is because of the pre-installed apps that cherry mobile put in the phone. "im still skeptical about this my myphone a919 shows 512mb and my omega hd 2.0 shows 1gig and both of this phone has pre-install apps"


hands down to taking photos during good lighting condition but the gray like output I've encounter while using the flash is not pleasant at all

-cherry mobile claims that this phone has 13mp back camera and 5mp front camera but some people in the aeon group told me that this is an interpolated camera from 8mp. I think cherry mobile need to stop their false marketing strategy when it comes to presenting phone features

-not advisable in low light photography, under the shade inside a room during night time and etc

back camera inside a restaurant with sufficient lights setting changes 

back camera inside a restaurant with sufficient lights and flash and setting changes 

front with the same lighting condition 

 front with during night with normal room light

during day time with windows open inside my room using flash

inside a very bright room

omega aeon with flash and one florecent bulb turn on (no edits)

oemga hd 2.0 with flash and same lighting condition as aeon (no edits)

The I don’t want to answer a call issue

Some aeon users experince this.. when someone is calling and no matter how they try to answer and swipe to answer the call, the phone wont response it just keeps on ringing.

-When I go to the cherry mobile store and talk to them about this problem.. magic happens “no questions ask they made a job order for replacement phone ” (maybe they already know that this phone is having this issue)  wow new phone.. means new setup and a waste of time.. unluckily same problem arises with the replacement phone.  ( to bad no more second replacement)

Some issues other users encounter regarding this phone.

-The constant reboot while playing games and taking photos

-The I cannot take photos because it will go back to the home screen

-The msg cannot be sent and cannot receive even if I have full bars on my phone  (im using suncellular with this phone and im having this issue from time to time.. all I did is to do a reboot sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn't)

-The friends cannot call you where you have full bars and all we hear is a busy tone at the other line.

-No manual option for preferred network during roaming, which the phone is having a hard time switching to roaming at times when you are in the areas that it needs to be roaming “you get better signal for sun user if you switch to smart for roaming no extra payment you can still enjoy the call and txt feature for sun but for data you need to switch for sun”.. (it takes forever or no signal at all)

(we buy phones to make calls and send txt msg and its sad to think that sometime this phone cannot deliver)

On the bright side.

-Other users can play heavy hd games on this phone (rooted or not )

-Antutu bench mark is high

-OGS display makes the icon looks like floating on the screen (super cool)

-Snapdragon battery guro delivers

-Good photos during day time (grayish photo on low light..  indoor, 6pm upwards, in the shade, inside the house and restaurant  “guess no foodporn and selfies on this area”)

-Xperia design fools everyone

-No lag during good days but as what ive said sometimes the phone reboot it self.

Cherry store told me that this phone will have the kitkat update and hopefully they can give solution regarding some of the issues mentioned.. I don’t hate cherry products in fact im using omega hd2.0 right now..  (aeon needs to wait for kitkat)  but I was a little bit disappointed of cherry's false marketing strategy..  

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