Putting up Additional Adsense Banner at the Top of your Blog Header

the top header banner is mostly the once to be notice first in clicking some adds but sad to say blogger never put a tool for us in layout so that we can put some adsense banner in that area.. so here are some instruction in putting up a top header banner for your blog..

1. go to Layout > Edit HTML

2. back up your file

3. check the Expand Widget Templates box

5. Using CTRL + F to bring up the search box for your html template. "it can be located at the top or bottom

6. copy paste this code at teh search box for html template

<div id='outer-wrapper'>

7. Paste this block of code after the above code at your html template

<div id='topads-wrapper'>
<b:section class='topads' id='topads' preferred='yes'/>

8. save and go to layout

9. add your adsense banner

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