Organize your Music with Tag Scanner

As an avid music fan our basic problem is finding the music tracks that we want in a pile of archives that we have. finding this tool really do help me alot in organizing my music archive, hope this can help you to guys

"TagScanner is a multifunction program to organize large music collections. It can edit tags of several progressive audio formats, rename files based on the tag information, generate tag information from filenames. Also you may get album info via internet music database freedb.org. Supports ID3v1, ID3v2, Vorbis comments and APEv2 tags. Worksheets technology. Powerful TAG editor with batch functions and special features. Playlist maker with ability to export playlists to HTML or Excel. Built-in player.Very useful interface."

  • Able to renames files based on the tag and file information.
  • Features with multiple files tag editor.
  • Generate tag information from file/foldernames.
  • Import tag information from online databases such as freedb or Amazon.
  • Manual text search for information in freedb.
  • World replacement and case conversion from tags and filenames.
  • Full support for Unicode.
  • Support MP3,OGG,Musepack, Monkey’s Audio, FLAC, AAC, OptimFROG, SPEEX,WavePack, TrueAudio, WMA and MP4 files.
  • Support ID3 1.0/1.1/2.2/2.3/2.4 tags, APE v1 and v2 tags, Vorbis Comments, WMA tags and MP4 (iTunes) metadata.
  • TAGs version conversions.
  • Supports for embedded lyris and cover art.
  • Playlist editor and able export to HTML, Excel and CSV (e.g for MySQL)
  • Multilanguage interface.
  • Built-in multiformat player.


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