Ninja Kunai USB drive

For those of you that think ninjas are the ultimate warriors, here’s a USB drive to show off your point of view. Although this drive isn’t exactly something you should probably slip past airport security, it would be a cool drive to keep at home. You can about guarantee that you’ll end up paying a lot more


just to get your ninja themed USB drive, but I could see it being worth it for a few.

It’s not for everyone, but even for those that can’t afford it. You have to admit if you had the cash, you’d probably consider buying it. The drive will only hold a whopping 2GB of your data on it, which really isn’t much. Especially when you consider how much cash you’ll end up forking out for this. It’s definitely a novelty drive and an expensive one at that. You’ll end up paying ¥ 11,500.00 or about $126 from Geek Stuff 4U.

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