earn cash by using the web, do a homebased job

in this case.. many of us failed looking for a home base job for real, but i finally found some useful site which you can start working on, go to you. this site is run by amazon and you can simply do some jobs offered by different buyers and take control of some easy jobs.. make and account and try it for your self

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sample steps in working at mturk


be extra careful of accepting some hit it can be a point against you if you cannot do the given task
make sure to read the instruction so that you cannot be tag as a spammer "got a very bad experience on that"

make sure to click hit before working the, some website needed to work for a certain job change after clicking the hit botton "you might be working on a different field"


different jobs have different value it can range from $0.01 - $20 depending on your qualification to do the job.. as for me i start familiarizing the site first while doing some easy jobs like "tag a picture, vote for a website and answer some simple question"

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  1. ahy really? naka earn sad jud ka?-kathy