Adding up a Twitter Retweet Button to promote your blog

Many bloger are using twitter to promote thier blog because of its simple concepts and less consuming time. Basically the concept of "retweeting" is allowing your blog readers to broadcast your post, to thier followers in twitter, its like sharing what they have read to thier followers and giving your blog a maximum audience.

Adding up Meta Tag "A blogger solution to increase web traffic"

Meta tags are HTML codes that are inserted into the header on a web page, after the title tag. In the context of search engine optimization, when people refer to Meta tags, they are usually referring to the meta description tag and the meta keywords tag. It is unseen by any visitors but available for search engines, this tags provide important information about your blog. When a person use a search engine and the search keyword that he use matches one of the keywords in your meta tag the visitor can find your blog and it can be displayed in a search result. This tag have been abuse in many ways and search engines becomes smarter and no longer place emphasis on keywords to establish pager ranking however keyword meta tag are still used by some search engines so it would be a wise move to put this tag in your blog and make sure to choose the right tag for your meta tag

VLC Media Player is the answer

usig k-lite media was smoth running until i encountered a damage media file.. trying to run it with nero showtime as my own protocol when k-lite fails, but still it dont do the job.. i did some web serching if i could find a media player who could fix a damage media file.. and out of no where, i found this funny looking media player called VLC and first i hesitated bec the dowload link for it got some win32 on its file name, still eager to download it and did the right thing, what can i say it just answers my problem.. funny and wierd looking media player alwayz have the answers lol and i remove the win32 on the file name by the power of F2 lol dont worry no virus found im using NOD32

new blogger post editor breaks when composing

anyone help me with this, i think google and blogger help had no idea on how to configure this back.. LOL i read 3 posting on the support area but still no answers and i even send msg to support on how to solve this still no reply as of now anyone got an idea on how to solve this..
and i tried 3 web browsers opera, firefox and chrome all not working zzzzzz

pls any tips or idea in how to end this wew

install EXPLORER wew just solve this problem no wonder thier support dont want to answer this


Get rid of your Navigation bar on Blogger

On blogger blog one the most useful tool we have is the navigation bar or the nav bar but for some users the navbar looks very distracting and not giving them the feeling of owning the blog....
Remove the navbar and suffer the loss of comfort in navigating your blog but giving you the ownership or more professional look on the site.. anywyz its your choice

Avast Anti-antivurs Free

Avast users around the got upgrades and free anti virus try avast pro now!!!

The professional solution to great protection. Avast! 4 Professional Edition is a collection of award winning, high-end technologies that work in perfect synergy, having one common goal: to protect your system and valuable data against computer viruses. It represents a best-in-class solution for any Windows-based workstation. Avast! 4 Professional Edition comes with anti-spyware, anti-rootkit and strong self-protection built-in. It is designed to protect your valuable data and programs, as well as keep itself up-to-date and has the kind of built-in features that many vendors charge for additionally, or don't include at all.


Best tool for grabbing Videos on the Web

Many promising tools for video grabber are out right now but for me this is one of the best. Get your favorite online videos easier than ever with this free software. You will be able to search videos without opening your browser and watch them using the built-in video player. This freeware can convert FLV files to AVI, iPod (MPEG4 or H.264), iPhone, 3GP, PSP, or MP3 audio only. Supported Web sites: YouTube, DailyMotion, Google Videos, Metacafe, Spike, iFilm, Veoh, Yahoo, Crackle, Broadcaster, ZippyVideos, MySpace, Revver, LiveLeak, EyeSpot, CollegeHumor, SevenLoad, Break, CrunchyRoll,,,, TinyPic, EbaumsWorld, Uncut AOL, Guba, Youku, Tudou, Reuters, BBC News, vh1. This software can also convert all your videos (DivX, XviD, MpeG, DVD, AVI) to FLV video (Flash video) with an automatic HTML page creation. You will only have to place the files on your Web site to share your videos with the entire world.


Organize your Music with Tag Scanner

As an avid music fan our basic problem is finding the music tracks that we want in a pile of archives that we have. finding this tool really do help me alot in organizing my music archive, hope this can help you to guys


How to capture images/screenshot in a running video

this just came last night and im having a hard time looking for a free and easy to use software for this.. i found this up in the web and as far as i can say i rate this software 5 star

Free Video to JPG Converter allows you to take screenshot of a specific movie playing in it, that means you can save a specific frame scene as a jpg image from the movie at a specific time. You can take the screenshots of your favourite movie scenes by clicking a simple button called Make Snapshot, so it allows you take snapshots from the movie at any point of time instantly by a single button click


Ninja Kunai USB drive

For those of you that think ninjas are the ultimate warriors, here’s a USB drive to show off your point of view. Although this drive isn’t exactly something you should probably slip past airport security, it would be a cool drive to keep at home. You can about guarantee that you’ll end up paying a lot more


A media player that plays everything

just found this old skul media player on the net and luckily theirs no media file that i cannot play using this one.. this is a must have to all movie junkies and music lovers out thier..

old-skul is it.. but it plays all media file damm!!!

View Friendster Private Profile

ever felt very intrigue becaue you cannot view someones profile.. this might be a good tool for you.. with the help of this you can view private profile and can browse primary photos..

Free Fnlimited Text Message Phil Area

this might be old stuff to you guys but this one is more powerful with new updates and features

1. can put senders name for indentity

2. ho more ads on msgs

3. fast sending of msgs = fast receiving of msgs

4. can send multiple msgs to single recipient


Watch cable channels on your PC using your net

this is for PLDT myDSL subscriber plan 999 and up


earn cash by using the web, do a homebased job

in this case.. many of us failed looking for a home base job for real, but i finally found some useful site which you can start working on, go to you. this site is run by amazon and you can simply do some jobs offered by different buyers and take control of some easy jobs.. make and account and try it for your self

register now


Restaurant City Daily Food Quiz with Answers and updates

ACE THE Restaurant City daily food quiz
this is not a crime right! 

some vintage photos of Manila

this were some rare photos of the oldschool Manila!!!! before ONDOY before MMDA and before MRT

restaurant city stamina, speed, and energy hack

ever been tired of waiting for your restaurant to level up? i myself is starting to get bored in this business.. tried using cheat engine once but was so disappointed that one day it just wont work.. as my cheating desire is craving for more.I think i found the perfect tool that fits our cheating needs.. found this one on a restaurant city blog and i wanted to share this one to you..

this would be the best RC tool..