" What is Echelon? 30 Seconds to Mars "

just woke up and listen to some good vibes when, "from yesterday" a song from 30 seconds to mars played... so i came to remember about the lawsuit that the band is facing, i brows the web to read the latest info about the band, right now 30 seconds to mars don't have any record label which i think is too good for them and to us. now i can enjoy quality music without the record labels chain. the case is still up, too bad for jared leto, but this might be a good inspiration to write good songs for their new independent album, although no dates have been released, but the news spread all over the web, and virgin record is out of the picture. funny thing about browsing there website is the word echelon "i know it is one of their songs" but it says there join echelon's army.. with the site's very own breath taking design i decide to join the army without even knowing what am i fighting for.. LOL

What is "Echelon"?

The echelon is a group of devoted 30 Seconds to Mars fans who are sometimes referred to as the Mars Army. Their mission is to spread the word about the band while developing and maintaining a strong community. You can sign up to the Echelon

well want to join the army? you can visit their website and sign up to have your badge. i take my stand how about you?? log on to thier website for more info about joining echelon.. Godbless you guys.. spread the vibes

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