how to download videos from youtube

Grabbing videos from your favorite streaming sites is just a click away. I my self is having a hard time looking for the right application in grabbing my favorite streaming videos the easiest way that i found is by using at this site downloading youtube videos is so easy, all you have to do is to copy the link and select a video format, then they will send you back the video for download. The downside of this web application is, it is not applicable for long videos or larger files. I can also advice using a software called orbit which you can get at though its kinda hard to set up but using it is just a click away by pointing your mouse at the video and "click grab". The software will automatically grab the video and save it as a flv format. The downside of this application is, you need to download a flv converter so that you can convert the file from a different format which you can play on your dvd

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