Dota allstar 6.58b new map free download

just heard the news icefrog released the 6.58beta map never tried to play it, i just hope that this blog might help you a bit, in understanding the changes, but from what i think its the beta version might as well don't expect new heroes or skills, most probably they have fix any bug...

the change log might want to read it before checking the game out.

* Fixed a rare bug introduced last version with Nevermore's ultimate
* Fixed a bug with Cranium Basher
* Fixed a suicide bug with Heartstopper
* Fixed a bug with Overload
* Various tooltip fixes
* Fixed some rare glitches that could cause some abilities to malfunction
* Fixed various -switch related bugs
* Switch now works if all but one player votes for it, instead of requiring 100%
* Fixed truesight on The Frozen Throne
* Decreased Undying's model size a bit
* Fixed conflicts between Viper Strike and Venomous Gale
* Fixed Soul Rip targetting problems on Tombstone
* Fixed -mo/-ro in -gameinfo
* Fixed a bug when picking up invisibility rune while under the Phase effect from Phase Boots
* Fixed -mr failing to be recognized as a gamemode
* Fixed Rapier damage values when being carried by a non-owning player

free download of the new map

own some game... guys

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