" Dota Allstar 6.58 "

ladder game is done so bye bye for the 6.57 map right??? well just tried playing the new dota 6.58 map a while ago and i can say, they really bring it up to the next level.. added some cool effects to void during casting crono and some changes to storm spirit skils and remade undying skils.. now i can tell both heroes IMBA for the game. After the succes of rikimaru in 6.57 map icefrog drawback the 3rd skil to a more stable and predictable damage, so thats bad news for rikki's fans.. Well planing on getting the agies, at the middle of the game? .. might think it 2x because they Improved roshians Turn Rate, which mean its quit hard to hit him without turning back. forming the new blade mail is kinda expensive in this map but the benifits you can gain having this item is worth the price. craniom basher is cheaper in this map but the down side is you can only make this item once... well those were the changes that i have encounter while playing the game... might as well check for the changelog...

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