Dota allstar 6.59 new map free download

icefrog released the new map never try it though just want to share the change log to you guys

* Some performance improvements
* You can no longer attack items you do not own if they are in the fountain area
* Fixed some rare memory corruption bugs that could cause random abilities/items to malfunction or result in a fatal error
* Added a new subtle cooldown effect to make it a little clearer when spells are in cooldown and when they finish. This is mainly for long cooldown spells where it is sometimes difficult to tell. More work will be done in this area soon, but it needs a bit more time to make sure that anything extra is not visually intrusive. (PGRu-Unexpect3D)

* Reworked Enigma's Conversion (see details below)
* Fixed a bug with Towers AI not defending heroes properly
* Reduced Ironwood Branch cost from 57 to 53 gold
* Increased Blademail duration from 4 to 5 seconds
* Improved Chaos Knight's cast point
* Added a new experimental mode -er (-ExperimentalRunes, see details below)
* Improved Surge duration from 2/3.5/5/6.5 to 3/4.5/6/7.5 seconds
* Decreased Wrath of Nature manacost from 200/380/610 to 150/175/200
* Improved Antimage's Strength by 2 points
* Increased model size of hexed units a bit
* Increased Curse of the Silent AOE and reduced cooldown slightly
* Decreased Powershot cooldown from 12 to 9 seconds
* Decreased Lightning Storm cooldown from 7 to 6 seconds
* Fixed Acid Spray from affecting Tombstone Zombies
* Spectral Dagger no longer gives vision
* Rebalanced Necrolyte's Heartstopper from 250/500/750/1000 AOE with 1% drain to 700/800/900/1000 AOE with 0.5/0.75/1/1.25% drain
* Increased Fury Swipes buff duration from 3 to 5 seconds
* Fixed an issue with unit selection when respawning with Aegis while controlling other units
* When a player leaves, the state of his inventory is now recorded in the replay for easier parsing (Same 8_# actions)
* Improved Eidolons magic resistance a bit
* Fixed some minor technical issues with Mask of Madness

* Fixed scoreboard player names when a player switches with a leaver
* Switch no longer works when only 1 person agrees in a 1v1 situation
* Fixed Zombies continuing to spawn when the game is over
* Fixed Eidolon Acquire range and reduced collision size a bit
* Fixed -switch with frozen leaver heroes
* Abaddon now uses the Death Knight model instead of the Evil Arthas one (practically the same, but commonly requested)
* You now have vision over the area you cast Blackhole in (260562)
* Fixed Aegis dropping when using -switch
* Ball Lightning now gives a proper error message when casting without the required mana
* Fixed allied hero visibility when using -switch in -ah mode
* When players swap heroes, the new player/heroid data for replay parsers are updated
* Changed the model on Eidolons and adjusted the scales a bit
* Fixed some issues with Blackhole's silence mechanism when applied to magic immune units
* Fixed some bugs when using -switch with Meepo

download the new map



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Update on November (NLE) Phillippine Nursing Board Exam Result

well im not fooling around, i my self cant wait to see the results.. a very reliable source of mine, "lets just say he's someone from the higher authority" send email's that the possibility of releasing the result is getting closer. He gave numbers like date's maybe "lol" january 25 -28, so better strengthen your prayers guys.. Godlbess

i will put the link in my blog after PRC release the result.. so keep in touch

Dota allstar 6.58b new map free download

just heard the news icefrog released the 6.58beta map never tried to play it, i just hope that this blog might help you a bit, in understanding the changes, but from what i think its the beta version might as well don't expect new heroes or skills, most probably they have fix any bug...

the change log might want to read it before checking the game out.

* Fixed a rare bug introduced last version with Nevermore's ultimate
* Fixed a bug with Cranium Basher
* Fixed a suicide bug with Heartstopper
* Fixed a bug with Overload
* Various tooltip fixes
* Fixed some rare glitches that could cause some abilities to malfunction
* Fixed various -switch related bugs
* Switch now works if all but one player votes for it, instead of requiring 100%
* Fixed truesight on The Frozen Throne
* Decreased Undying's model size a bit
* Fixed conflicts between Viper Strike and Venomous Gale
* Fixed Soul Rip targetting problems on Tombstone
* Fixed -mo/-ro in -gameinfo
* Fixed a bug when picking up invisibility rune while under the Phase effect from Phase Boots
* Fixed -mr failing to be recognized as a gamemode
* Fixed Rapier damage values when being carried by a non-owning player

free download of the new map


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" What is Echelon? 30 Seconds to Mars "

just woke up and listen to some good vibes when, "from yesterday" a song from 30 seconds to mars played... so i came to remember about the lawsuit that the band is facing, i brows the web to read the latest info about the band, right now 30 seconds to mars don't have any record label which i think is too good for them and to us. now i can enjoy quality music without the record labels chain. the case is still up, too bad for jared leto, but this might be a good inspiration to write good songs for their new independent album, although no dates have been released, but the news spread all over the web, and virgin record is out of the picture. funny thing about browsing there website is the word echelon "i know it is one of their songs" but it says there join echelon's army.. with the site's very own breath taking design i decide to join the army without even knowing what am i fighting for.. LOL

What is "Echelon"?

The echelon is a group of devoted 30 Seconds to Mars fans who are sometimes referred to as the Mars Army. Their mission is to spread the word about the band while developing and maintaining a strong community. You can sign up to the Echelon

well want to join the army? you can visit their website and sign up to have your badge. i take my stand how about you?? log on to thier website for more info about joining echelon.. Godbless you guys.. spread the vibes

" Dota Allstar 6.58 "

ladder game is done so bye bye for the 6.57 map right??? well just tried playing the new dota 6.58 map a while ago and i can say, they really bring it up to the next level.. added some cool effects to void during casting crono and some changes to storm spirit skils and remade undying skils.. now i can tell both heroes IMBA for the game. After the succes of rikimaru in 6.57 map icefrog drawback the 3rd skil to a more stable and predictable damage, so thats bad news for rikki's fans.. Well planing on getting the agies, at the middle of the game? .. might think it 2x because they Improved roshians Turn Rate, which mean its quit hard to hit him without turning back. forming the new blade mail is kinda expensive in this map but the benifits you can gain having this item is worth the price. craniom basher is cheaper in this map but the down side is you can only make this item once... well those were the changes that i have encounter while playing the game... might as well check for the changelog...